Below you will find answers to some questions that we have been already been asked, but drop us a line if you need to know more.

If you have a question that needs answering then please drop us a line and we’ll add it to our FAQ to help other players.

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What are the rules about including players of different genders to the suggested team format?

Every team has the choice of including players of either gender in three (3) of the divisions. Only Women may participate in the FPO. You can substitute a female player for the MPO, MPM or MJ1 divisions.

What are the rules for the inclusion of trans-gender athletes in the FPO division?

These are complex but can be found on the WFDF website here. Trans-gender athletes can compete in MPO, MPM and MJ1 divisions as these are open to all genders.

Can we enter a multi-national team if we cannot get enough players from our own country?

Yes. If your National Disc Golf Co-ordinator or Flying Disc Federation indicates that they are unable to send a full team, they may nominate you to join a multi-national team. Your National Federation will need to apply to the WFDF Disc Golf Chair but there is opportunity for this to happen.

NOTE – any multi-national team will not be able to medal or compete past the 8th round.

I want to play, but my I don’t know who to contact.

If you do not know who your WFDF Representative is or your PDGA Representative for your National Disc Golf Association then please get in touch with WFDF Disc Golf Chair Charlie Mead at

Why has this clause been introduced?

WFDF recognises that some countries will want to enter the event but may not be able to put a full team together for many reasons. We want to encourage as many Teams and players as possible from around the world to attend the event and are committed to the principles of inclusion.

I am unsure how to apply the Dispensation Clause to the FPO, MPM and MJ1 division athletes, can you explain please?

Each team can substitute an athlete in the MPM, FPO and MJ1 divisions with any player who does not have a PDGA Rating above the 75th centile in the top quadrant of the division that they are replacing.

This means that a male athlete replacing a player in FPO cannot have a rating over 820; an athlete of any age replacing a player in MJ1 cannot have a rating over 910; and an athlete of any age replacing a player in MPM cannot have a rating over 911.

Any players who do not hold a PDGA membership or have a PDGA rating will be able to substitute in.

What format is being considered?

The TOC is considering multiple formats. There is likely to be a combination of doubles match play or stroke play in the early rounds of the event with the introduction of singles match play or stroke play later in the schedule. The precise format will be decided to best fit the number of teams who have registered.

When will the final event format and game schedule be published?

This will depend on the number of teams who Register for the event. The latest date for the publication will be two weeks after the close of Registration for teams.

Is the schedule outlined in Bulletin #1 fixed.

No. This is an indicative schedule based on 24 teams entering the event. Changes will also be made based on advice and suggestions received from teams that have entered the event.

Will WFDF be issuing a World Ranking based on the 2016/2017 events?

Yes. All teams entering the event will be ranked afterwards. This will particularly help WFDF Members and National DG Associations in gaining recognition from National Sporting Award bodies as well as International organisations such as IOC and IWGA. See the Bulletin section of the website for more details.

When can we Register our team?

You can Register any time from now through this website. We encourage all players wanting to participate to reach out to your National Disc Golf Co-ordinator or National Flying Disc Federation as soon as possible.

Can we pay the team fee later?

Team deposit payments can be made from March 31st but you can register today.

What is the best way to pay Registration fees?

That is up to you. You need to look at any costs – either from PayPal or Bank Charges and decide what is best for your team based on currency charges and transfer costs.

Do we need transport while we are at the tournament?

If you stay on the campus you will not need any transport at all. Everything is very close – the rooms are in the centre of the course! If you choose to stay in Colchester or nearby we suggest that you stay in a place that has access to the local bus routes which run frequently to the University.

Can you give us more detail on the accommodation available at Essex University for our team?

Apart from the information in Bulletin #1 and this website we would add that all the rooms available are en-suite and in groups that would allow a team to share a flat. You have the advantage of having the privacy of your own room but the collective experience of sharing all the other facilities including the kitchen and dining area. The University has hosted three WFDF World Championships, EDGC 2012 and numerous other Disc Golf events over the years and is an ideal setting for a team event.

Can I bring my wife or family? What does it cost?

We will do everything possible to make sure families can be accommodated. We have now contracted the University to supply double rooms specifically for use by families with children.

You can bring partners and children and they would be very welcome. We have managed to secure 11 double rooms for families and these would be available on a first come first served basis based on payment being received. The cost for a double room and meals, should you wish to pre-order, has not been set by the University yet. We will bring it to you as soon as we know.

If you have children who are old enough to sleep in a single room then they can be accommodated next to a double room.

If you have children who require a cot you will need to bring that with you.

Can we buy lunch separately on the campus?

Yes. There are three cafes and restaurants as well as fast food outlets available. You can choose to pre-order Lunch and Dinner if you wish or you may choose to eat on or off campus. WFDF are aware of the need to be flexible with lunch especially, as we are not able to predict the impact of the schedule on individual players or teams at this time.

I don’t have a PDGA membership or current ranking. Can I still play?

Yes. As long as your WFDF Representative or National DG Association approve you to play, then you may play.

Do I need a visa for entering Great Britain?

You are responsible for obtaining the correct paperwork to visit the UK to compete at WTDGC 2017. Please note that we cannot provide specific advice on the process, but we do strongly recommend that you get started as soon as possible.

The TOC can provide your team administrator with a letter confirming your team’s registration at the event. To do that we generally require confirmation of the following details for all the members of your group: full name (as shown on passport), passport number, date of birth and role on team (i.e. player, coach, manager, etc).

Things to think about now:

  • Specifically what information is required? Do you need anything else other than the items noted above?
  • Please make sure you leave us some time to produce this document: do not assume that we can send it back the same day!
  • Find out if you will need a hard copy with original signature – obviously that will take extra time and next day delivery around the world is expensive!

If you need to contact us regarding the above points, you can do it here

Please note: we cannot and will not provide a formal “invitation” to attend the event and non-ability to enter the UK is not grounds for a request of a refund for a team and/or player fees.

Please be aware that some nations do not require a visa, however must travel with certain paperwork to show officers at the UK border – we recommend EVERY TEAM makes specific enquiries.

Are spectators allowed?
Absolutely! We welcome and encourage people to come along and see the best players in the world competing for their country in the most prestigious Disc Golf team event ever! Head over to the Information page for details of how to get to the course.