Round 2 – Friday 2pm

There are many variations on how to play a straight 1 to 8 knockout phase with 9 v 10 options. The traditional 1 v 8, 2 v 7 etc format could be used but WFDF has a tradition in other events of allowing top seeds to choose their opponents.

Round 2 will therefore be an 18 hole round in which 2 Singles matches and 2 Doubles matches will decide who moves on to Round 3. The Singles match will be straight Matchplay. The Doubles will be Tough Shot Matchplay. Please see the PDGA Rules for Tough Shot on the website here.

After Round 1 Teams finishing 1 to 4 will choose teams who finish 5 -8 as their opponents in Round 2. The team finishing 1st will get first choice, Team finishing 2nd choose next, and so on.

Format for Round 2 Games – Quarter Finals

Format Singles Singles Doubles Doubles
Kappa 5 – MPM 6 – MJ1 1 – MPO 1 & 2 MPO 2 3 – MPO 3 & 4 – FPO

Teams 9 and 10 will play 18 holes of Tough Shot Doubles as the first half of their head to head rounds.

As with Round 1 points will be awarded for each game and ties will be broken as described above with Match-play scores in Doubles used first. If still a tie then scores in Match play in Singles will be used. If still a tie then a play off will be held between MPM players starting on hole 18.