Great Britain

I have been competing in disc sports since 1977 and played my first disc golf tournament in 1978. I won the first UK Disc Golf Championships in 1979 and have more than 100 career wins in 10 countries, whilst competing in more than 25 countries. I was UK Tour Champion every year from 1990 to 2012 and European Champion in Masters Division and Grand Masters division.
In 1994 I bought 15 acres of land and created Quarry Park Disc Golf Course near Leamington Spa. The course was in place the following year with the planting of 1400 trees and installation of 18 baskets and tees. In 2006 it opened to the public as a pay to play course and I have continually invested time and money to improve it. This year I have given up my day job to work full time on developing and running the course, and I am investing more than £40k in parking, clubhouse and landscaping to ensure that it retains it's place as one of the premier disc golf facilities in Europe.
The greater part of my life has been dedicated to disc golf as a competitor, course owner and founder and National Director (1996-2006) of the British Disc Golf Association. In recognition of my contribution to the sport, I was the first European to be inducted to the Disc Golf Hall of Fame.

Scottish born, but bred with American sport.
My family moved from Scotland to Chicago when I was 2 years old. I was destined to play strange sports from America.
I started playing disc golf in 1993. My friends and I would go to our local course, Adler Park in Libertyville,IL. I soon got hooked and was out playing nearly every day. I began playing in best shot doubles leagues, sometime every night of the week except Friday. Chasing and bringing home ace pots and league wins led to tournaments starting in 2000.
In 2007, I moved to South Korea to teach English. I played a good handful of courses, but only casually.
Upon my return to the uk, I got involved with the local club in Manchester. They were in the process of installing an 18 hole course in Longford Park in Stretford. I quickly became a committee member with Manchester Disc Golf and help run club nights/days, which before all the permanent baskets were in, meant me pushing a buggy with my daughter and pulling a trolley full of portable baskets to set up the course. We have been doing open days, running taster sessions, stag dos, and getting scout groups and schools to come out and use the course. There is interest from other councils in the area for us to add another course in the near future.
I have just started playing events again and have had some success and a ton of fun.
I really enjoy heading out to the course on a sunny, relaxing afternoon with a few friends and throw some good shots. That's what disc golf is all about for me:living in the moment and enjoying the feeling of good execution.

I have been playing Disc Golf since I was about 8 years old. I began playing with my dad at a young age and never lost the love of the game. In recent years I have become a 2 time BDGA tour winner and have been able to represent Team GB at the European Championships 5 times and travel to the USDGC in 2014. I have always tried to enjoy myself on the course and focus on having fun ahead of personal successes. I find that achievements will always come if you are enjoying playing and happy with your game. In the near future I am focusing on winning the British tour for a third time. Beyond that, who knows, anything is possible.
I am currently living in Birmingham, UK, and working as a special needs teacher.

I started playing disc golf 8 years ago. I’ve played a lot of sports over the years but this was the one that I’ve really taken to, as all of my best friends play it too, which means every round I end up having a laugh. Most notable strengths are my mental game and driving. Love executing a big drive to wow the fans!