I am from a village Malženice in western Slovakia which has its own discgolf course. I am 14 years old and I hold a title of a Slovak DG champion in a junior division. I recently finished second in the open division of the Slovak DG Championship. My goals are to improve my technique and decisions and to travel to international tournaments. I played my first tournament in 2015 in Senica and I have been in love with disc golf ever since. I am trying to play as much as I can and do what I can to achieve the best results.

I have started as an ultimate player in 2004. I have played for Hybrid, Mental Discorders, Mor ho!, and Outsiterz. In 2012 my knee injury forced me to rest for a while and I started to play disc golf not as a recreational game but a sport. I have attended my first regional tournaments in Central Europe and in 2014 I have played my first EDGC. In 2016 I have played at the PDGA Pro Worlds and also at EDGC where I missed the top 10 in the MPM division by an inch. This year I plan to step up my tournament travel plans a bit attending two DGWT tournaments (Konopiste Open, European Open), two EuroProTour tournaments (Estonian Open, Kyy Open), and two DGPT tournaments (Vibram Open, Green Mountain Championship). I was also active as an organizer (BTS Urban Mayday, Smolenice Open), I have initiated and organized the first Central European Disc Golf Championship and I am an active member of the PDGE Europe. I was a director of the Executive Board of the Slovak Association of Frisbee for many years where I serve now as the head of the Disc Golf Commission. My favorite disc golf courses over the world are Lauste (Finland), Tucker Beach (New Zealand), WR Jackson (IDGC, USA), Berlin Rehberge (Germany), Ottensheim (Austria), Vesec (Czech Republic), and Bratislava and Makov (Slovakia).

I have started to play ultimate in 2004 as my first sport ever. Over the years I played for University of Michigan, Hybrid, Mental Discorders, LayDs, Hot Beaches. Outsiterz, and Box, mostly as a lefty handler throwing hucks to my fast teammates. For many years I have played disc golf only as a recreational game for a few times a year, but in 2013/2014 I started to play disc golf more competitively as a sport attending multiple regional tournaments in Central Europe. In 2014 I have played my first EDGC where, to my big surprise, I was leading the FPO division after the second day. Of course, the next two days were very tricky for me and it did not end up so well. In 2015 I have played my first PDGA Major (European Open), and in 2016 I have placed 5th in FPO at the PDGA Pro Worlds and 2nd at EDGC. In 2017 I plan to make another step and face the best of the world more often. I will play multiple tournaments in the USA (PDGA Pro Worlds, Vibram Open, GM Championship, USWDGC) and also in North Europe (European Open, Estonian Open, Kyy Open). My favorite disc golf courses are Lauste (Finland), Tucker Beach (New Zealand), Hudson Mills Metro Park (USA), and Smolenice and Makov (Slovakia).

  • Lukáš Grožaj

  • Division : MPO

My first contact with discgolf was when my soon-to-be brother in law brought a discgolf basket and a couple of discs to Slovakia from US sometime around 2003. I always enjoyed throwing a disc and after I tried discgolf, it finally started to make sense. The first tournament which I remember very vaguely was some 14 years ago in Prague and I ended up in the tail of less then twenty players. During 2007-2010, I played only sporadically and attended just a few small tournaments. But as soon as we built the first permanent course in Bratislava I started playing discgolf enthusiastically. This resulted in my greatest achievement when I won the Slovak discgolf championships in 2013 on a very interesting long and hilly course in Makov. I do not get to play many tournaments because I spend most of my free time with my wife and two kids but I enjoy every tournament or discgolf event I can go to. I have not yet traveled to many tournaments abroad except for the Central Europe region but I can say that my favourite and the most beautiful course that I played is the course in Smolenice in Slovakia.

Since I was a child my dream has always been to become a golfer. When I then discovered disc golf during my university studies I fell in love with it. I love the balance of mental and physical aspects of the sport. I am very fond of other sports as well and among them I really like playing volleyball and sailing.

I started playing discgolf regularly about 5 years ago after previously being an ultimate frisbee player who occasionally plays discgolf for fun. One of the main reasons for playing more was my three-year stay in Braunchweig (Germany) which is a local disc golf paradise with about 20 DG courses in the nearest surroundings. While living in Germany, I started to regularly attend the local and PDGA tournaments. I moved back to Slovakia recently and continued playing hoping to master my throwing technique and play as many tournaments as possible. My first tournament was Slovak DG Championship 2010 where I was the player with the best round-to-round improvement. I played my first PDGA tournament in the beautiful course of Smolenice in 2013 where I fully experienced the beauty of the long fairways. During my DG career I have scored some decent rounds but I believe that my biggest success is awaiting to happen. I like long open fairways and one of my DG dreams is to find out how to bomb that piece of plastic over 150m. And my goal for this year: I would like to make it to the top 3 at some tournament.

I discovered discgolf in 2003 in California, USA, during a family visit. I became instantly interested and I immediately bought a discgolf basket and a few discs and brought them back home to Slovakia. I soon started to play tournaments in the neighboring countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria. Moreover, since I was the only person owning a discgolf basket in the whole Slovakia I organized the first discgolf tournament in Slovakia in 2006 and continued to play and build the local scene, including building the first discgolf course in Slovakia. My greatest achievements are winning the Slovak discgolf championships in 2010 and 2012, second place at Smolenice Open in 2012 and my up to date highest round rating 1003 in 2016 in Budmerice. My favorite course is DeLaveaga in Santa Cruz.